Manolis Charos

Manolis Charos was born in Kythera and grew up in Athens in 1960. He attended the École National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and remained in Paris to pursue a post-graduate diploma in Visual Communication. In 1984 he was awarded for his lithographic work with the French Prize Prix des Fondations award and in 1988 he received the Athens Academy Award for artists under 40. He was guest artist at the Princeton University and Absolut vodka company used one of his works for its advertising campaign. He has presented more than 30 solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions worldwide. His working life is divided between Athens and Kythera with long periods also spent in Paris. His work includes paintings, prints and three-dimensional constructions. He uses various media and materials, sometimes driven by a verse or a study, illustrating emotion with vivid colours and often a more abstract style.

Manolis Charos -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Μανώλης Χάρος
Based in
Athens and Kythera


artwork by Manolis Charos
artwork by Manolis Charos
artwork by Manolis Charos
artwork by Manolis Charos
artwork by Manolis Charos

'follow your art' Exhibitions

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August 2022
Kytherian Collectiva
Collectiva 2021
August 2021
Local Products
August 2021
Kytherian Collectiva
Collectiva 2020
August 2020
In Kythera
August 2015
Fata Morgana
Painting Exhibition
August 2023
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