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Inspiration does not dwell in all places, but Kythera is an act of gods and not of men ...

In 1997, I settled permanently in Kythera, an island full of talented artists. As a group of creative people with parallel artistic concerns, we gathered and mobilized in Spilies. In no time, our thirst for expression and communication led to the need for an official place to meet and present our creations. The ideogram follow your art emerged through our coded communication language.

Based on my experience with similar art room ventures in Athens, I decided to create a space that would present the art-loving audience with the opportunity to come into direct contact with the local and guest artists' temperament and work.

With zeal and passion, the follow your art gallery was born in Kapsali Kythera. An art space that, for more than twenty years, hosts exceptional art proposals. The gallery's activity is completed by the homonymous art shop.

The resourceful Antonis Daponte wholeheartedly supports and provides solutions to any demanding situation that arises during the realization of our artistic endeavours and visions.

The establishment of contemporary art workshops for the youth and the creation of a 'residence' project for Greek and international artists constitute the future goals of the gallery.

With follow your art as a vehicle, I faithfully follow the passion - guide of my life -, to serve Inspiration, this divine gift of the Muses to our six-dimensional senses.


Georgia Tseri


Heartfelt thanks to fellow tribesmen and collaborators,
Drosia Tseri
Maria Schina
Jens Gottstein
Michael Petropoulos

follow your art, photo of the Gallery
follow your art, photo of the Gallery
follow your art, photo of the Gallery
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