Kytherian Sea

‘follow your art’ gallery in Kythera presents Marianna Katsoulidis and Aphrodite Sesenia in a  group show entitled "kytherian sea". Inspired by the island of Kythera where they spend almost every summer, Marianna Katsoulidi and Aphrodite Sesenia draw what has been imprinted in their memory: a walk on the beach, games by the sea, an exploration. The figures are sometimes in motion and sometimes seem frozen in time. Marianna Katsoulides uses oil paints and rollers and Aphrodite Sesenia oils on canvas, to depict the relationship between humans and nature. With realism they convey to the viewer the summer aura. Art historian Hera Papapostolou, who curates the exhibition, comments: “The realism in this body of work has elements of romanticism. It is about reconnecting and harmoniously coexisting with nature while emphasizing on subjective sensitivity, emotion and imagination”.

The exhibition is part of the Kythera Municipality Festival 2015, "Journey to Kythera".

Kytherian Sea -- poster or photo of exhibited artwork
Kytherian Sea -- poster or photo of exhibited artwork
Kytherian Sea -- poster or photo of exhibited artwork
01 Sep 2015 - 15 Sep 2015
follow your art, Kapsali, Kythera, 80100
follow your art
Marianna Katsoulidi
Aphrodite Sezenia
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