Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds No More Shall We Part Silkscreens, Monoprints, Art Book

14 paintings 17 years later

"follow your art" gallery will exhibit two silkscreens, entitled  "Darker With The Day" and "And No More Shall We Part", as created in collaboration with Tind Silkscreen Studio. They are variants of the homonymous paintings, as presented at the Benaki Museum during spring of 2019. Selected over-painted monoprints will also be exhibited.

"There is an eternal conflict between the creative artist and the practical printer. It has been irreverently rumored that in the Hereafter, the artist will be made to do his own printing and the printer will be forced to design his own art. In that way, they can both be made to atone for their earthly indifference to each other's problems. A good commercial artist who designs for printing should possess a good working knowledge of the technical limitations and latitudes of the particular process which will be used to reproduce his work. He should know beforehand the most suitable techniques which offer a minimum of technical or costly problems to the printer. The artist must always remember that it is not how "pretty" his original art work looks which matters. It is how well it reproduces which really counts—and which will ultimately reflect on his own professional reputation in the field. This does not mean that the printer should be freed of all technical problems just to make his job easy. The enterprising printer is himself creative and does not shy away from challenging problems. What the printer rightfully resents is the artist's supreme indifference to or ignorance of the technical and mechanical means of reproducing the art. It is therefore urged, for a better professional relationship between artist and printer, that they work together as closely as possible. In that way the printer can carry out the artist's creative intentions, while the artist can be guided by the practical requirements of the printer". [Extract from "The Complete Book of Silk Screen Printing Production" (1963) by J.I. Biegeleisen].

This is the most accurate description of Stefanos Rokos’ and Tind Silkscreen team’s collaboration on the creation of the two silkscreens, as part of the exhibition "STEFANOS ROKOS: NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS NO MORE SHALL WE PART, 14 paintings 17 years later".


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds No More Shall We Part Silkscreens, Monoprints, Art Book -- poster or photo of exhibited artwork
13 Aug 2020 - 30 Aug 2020
follow your art, Kapsali, Kythera, 80100
follow your art
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