Profondo Greco

Omaggio a Citera

Tύχη-fortune, εὐμορφία-beauty, γυνή-woman. These are the archetypes of the new collective exhibition "PROFONDΩ GRECΩ", at Mons Art Stage gallery in Rome , with which the 2021-2022 season begins. "PROFONDΩ GRECΩ" will open in the Eternal City the creative universe of three Greek artists: Georgia Tseri, Aliki Rigou, Daphne Petrohilos whose destiny has as a common place the island of Kythera - the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Classical echoes and memories of the East blow towards Europe, slowly structuring the concept of Eternal Art and the morphological balance that the three artists perfectly represent. Compositions of symbols, two-tone abstract images and cries in the wind that remind us of the Bronte sisters and Fellini. The exhibition "PROFONDΩ GRECΩ" is an ode to woman and her universal dimension, an ode to the work of art as proof of the existence of God.


Profondo Greco -- poster or photo of exhibited artwork
25 Oct 2021 - 14 Nov 2021
Mons Art Stage, Via di San Pantaleo 59, Rome, Italy
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