Kleopatra Tsali

Kleopatra Tsali was born in Athens in 1995. She studied at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia and she attended the Jan Matejko School of Fine Arts in Krakow on an Erasmus scholarship for one year. She spent 2018-2019 in Paris, where she worked with the CNEAI Art Centre on exhibition organisation. Upon returning to Athens, she joined the postgraduate program in Visual Arts at the Athens School of Fine arts, graduating in 2021. Her practice as an artist explores the process of wandering, issues of habitation, movement and nomadism, in an attempt to redefine the sense of belonging, the relationship with the environment and identity beyond the restrictions of borders and local definitions. She is a founding member of the three-member "Threads of Patience" group, which engages with the artistic, social, ecological and historical relationship of mankind with textile. In that context, and among other actions, the group has held seminars on the vertical (high warp) loom at the Benaki Museum (“NEMA”), as well as ones addressed to refugee women in partnership with the Hellenic Red Cross. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Alongside her own work as an artist, she also manages the artist-run space Cabane Athens in Petralona, a hub for new artists, where she organises workshops, activities and artist meetings. Working with a broad range of media and materials, sculpture, installation, drawing and video, she builds up questions, investigating both the physical and the digital world.

Kleopatra Tsali -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Κλεοπάτρα Τσαλή
visual artist
Based in
Athens, Greece


artwork by Kleopatra Tsali
artwork by Kleopatra Tsali
artwork by Kleopatra Tsali
artwork by Kleopatra Tsali
artwork by Kleopatra Tsali

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