Kyriakos Rokos

Kyriakos Rokos was born in Ioannina in 1945. He studied Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts with G. Pappas and Plastering – Copper casting with N. Kerlis. He then studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris as a student of  Koulendianos and César. He studied Lithography with Georges Dayez until 1976. He was a Drawing teacher at the Vakalo School and was a professor and Head of the School of Preservation of Antiquities and Works of Art in Athens, where he organized the 1st workshop of Plastering in 1983. He has been repeatedly honored with awards for his work, has presented over 40 individual exhibitions and has taken part in numerous group events and sculpture symposiums in Greece and abroad. In addition to free sculptural compositions, he has also created everyday objects, as well as public and funerary monuments, badges, medals and plaques. In the context of his wider artistic activity, he collaborated with Karolos Koun Art Theatre, the National Theatre, DI.PE.THE. of Ioannina, and has published books and articles in the daily press.
Kyriakos Rokos uses a variety of materials – marble, tufa, granite, stone, clay, plaster, wood, bronze – for his compositions. His artistic creation is characterized by combinations of parts of the human body that arise from the basic volume of the material, often creating surreal worlds visually commenting on the absurdity of reality.

Kyriakos Rokos -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Κυριάκος Ρόκος
Based in
Athens, Greece


artwork by Kyriakos Rokos
artwork by Kyriakos Rokos
artwork by Kyriakos Rokos
artwork by Kyriakos Rokos
artwork by Kyriakos Rokos

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