Maria Filippakopoulou

Maria Filippakopoulou was born in Athens in 1973. She studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts with T. Patraskidis and A. Christakis and Photography with M. Babousis. Furthermore, she studied Drama at the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece and she completed postgraduate studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has received awards and she has presented her work in 4 solo and many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She lives in Athens, Greece and teaches Art in a primary school. The ideas of her work come from the observation of the urban and natural landscape. She creates images open to interpretations in terms of time, space and meaning. Through humor and the element of abstraction, she focuses on the subject of longevity, fluidity and pause of time. She paints mainly with oils on canvas and characteristic of her work is the application of paint in many repeated layers until the desired effect is achieved.

Maria Filippakopoulou -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Μαρία Φιλιππακοπούλου
Based in
Athens, Greece


artwork by Maria Filippakopoulou
artwork by Maria Filippakopoulou
artwork by Maria Filippakopoulou
artwork by Maria Filippakopoulou
artwork by Maria Filippakopoulou

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