New Appearances

In the group exhibition "New Appearances" by "follow your art" gallery, seven young artists who got an enthusiastic reception from the beginning of their careers, exhibit works full of life and optimism.

Elena Antonopoulou presents wall-mounted works, mainly of small scale, where the use of black and white and the use of photography are key elements.

Joseph Delhomme with the eye of the illustrator depicts moments from Kythera during his summer holidays.

Vasiliki Koukou creates microworlds in magnification, while everything is constantly evolving and being influenced by everyday life.

Yiorgos Syrigas with his distinctive style paints on canvases, sculptures and everyday objects.

Maria Filippakopoulou paints landscapes with flat colours, intense or calm, creating  sentimental and intellectual compositions.

George Andreas Feretos with black and white works attempts an existential and psychological approach on the visual space of the work beside its special and temporal definitions.

Katerina Charou uses photography as the first stage in her work, while the final work is usually produced with industrial materials such as latex, resin and plexiglass.

New Appearances -- poster or photo of exhibited artwork
13 Aug 2022 - 23 Aug 2022
follow your art, Kapsali, Kythera, 80100
follow your art
Yiorgos Syrigas
George Andreas Feretos
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