Stavros Kotsireas

Stavros Kotsireas was born in Athens in 1960. His family emigrated to Brisbane Australia where he spent his early childhood, returning to Greece in 1968. He began his involvement in athletics competing in championship level for sixteen years and in 1980 was selected to be part of the "Olympic flame" team as a torchbearer for the Moscow Olympics. He then started a two-year apprenticeship with V. Fotopoulos,  who also became his mentor. He studied Painting, Drawing and Graphic Art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands and received a Master’s degree in Set and Costume Design. Stavros Kotsireas has presented his work in 39 solo and more than 80 group exhibitions. He s is the artistic director of the art foundry V&P. Tassis and a member of ETEE Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece and Surrey Sculpture Society. Since 1993 he  lives and works in the U.K.

Stavros Kotsireas -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Σταύρος Κοτσιρέας
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artwork by Stavros Kotsireas
artwork by Stavros Kotsireas
artwork by Stavros Kotsireas
artwork by Stavros Kotsireas
artwork by Stavros Kotsireas

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June 2023
Kytherian Collectiva
Collectiva 2023 part 2
August 2023
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