Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel

Sylvain Yeatman- Eiffel was born in Paris in 1943. On his father side he has American roots and on his mother’s side he is a direct descendant of the famous architect Gustave Eiffel. A self- taught painter since 1960, he has created hand painted silks for fashion designer Christian Dior, designed contemporary furniture and has exhibited regularly since 1969. Amongst his favourite subjects are shadows on walls, the breaking of the waves, the multiple variations of the world's water lilies, the shifting skies of Kythera, the ever-changing reflections in the water. His painting technique follows a personal approach, applying both oil paint and rough materials on his canvases in order to accentuate the contrasts, the depth and the fresco aspect.

Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Sylvain Yeatman- Eiffel
Based in
Paris, France


artwork by Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel
artwork by Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel
artwork by Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel
artwork by Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel
artwork by Sylvain Yeatman - Eiffel

'follow your art' Exhibitions

Origine Aphrodites
Painting and sculpture exhibition
July 2023
Origine Aphrodites
έκθεση ζωγραφικής και γλυπτικής
July 2023
Kytherian Collectiva
Collectiva 2023 part 2
August 2023
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