Vassiliki Koukou

Vassiliki Koukou (b. 1996) graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts (BA & Integrated Master, Painting). In 2019 she was one of the winners of Rosa’s Luxemburg Foundation Awards, Greece and Berlin and in 2020 she won the second award of “Gre-Taste: The taste of Greece” from B&M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music. In 2017 she was a performer for Documenta 14 and in 2020 she curated and performed “A Metamorphosis?” for Performance Rooms by Kappatos gallery, in St. George Lycabettus Hotel. She has been part of numerous group exhibitions like, “Open-Ended”, Zoumboulakis Gallery (2022), “Adraneia II”, Bageion Hotel (2022), “Volcan of Santorini Project”, Zoumboulakis Gallery (2021), “Learn To Swim" Zoumboulakis Gallery (2021)," Art on Boards | The Skate Project, Zoumboulakis Gallery (2021), "The Empty Gallery", Shrine Gallery, New York (2021), "Counting Approximately 1,5M", gallery (2020), Megaro Maximou (2019-2020), "Rooms Contemporary Art Exhibition", Kappatos Gallery (2019), "Rosa’s New Clothes” Ikastikos Kiklos DL (2019) and other. In her artwork, she uses abstraction and surrealist representation to invoke a sense of the mythical and the magical. She lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Vassiliki Koukou -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Βασιλική Κούκου
Based in
Athens, Greece


artwork by Vassiliki Koukou
artwork by Vassiliki Koukou
artwork by Vassiliki Koukou
artwork by Vassiliki Koukou
artwork by Vassiliki Koukou

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