Drosia Tseri

Drosia Tseri was born in Athens. She studied History of Art at the University of Granada and attended workshops and seminars on various forms of art in Italy and Greece. She is a painter and a crafter that experimented throughout the years with various techniques such as photography and ceramics. After her studies, she opened the TSERI art space in Kolonaki, Athens. Since 2000 she lives permanently in Kythera. She runs the “Follow your Art” Art Shop in Kapsali along with Georgia Tseri. She is a founder member of the Kythera Association and Photographic Encounters and is a member of Kithiriscus art group. She has presented various solo shows and participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and Europe. Observation of the daily life is the source of her inspiration to create stories that trigger emotion. Therefore, she constructs playful imagery on materials like wood, clay, fabric and paper, where the main characters are the elements of nature; bold childishness, vivid colors, repeating symbols and patterns are distinct in her work.

Drosia Tseri -- portrait, avatar, or iconic artwork of
Δροσιά Τσέρη
Painter, ceramist
Based in
Kythera, Greece


artwork by Drosia Tseri
artwork by Drosia Tseri
artwork by Drosia Tseri
artwork by Drosia Tseri

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Painting, Installation
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Collectiva 2023 part 1
June 2023
Kytherian Collectiva
Collectiva 2023 part 2
August 2023
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